Download FAQ

Q: Where did the e-book go on my tablet or smart phone?

A: On a tablet or smart phone, the e-book has been downloaded into your browser.

Example: On an iPhone or iPad the e-book has been downloaded into Safari and the book should be visible when in Safari. If you click on the e-book cover, your iPhone or iPad will give you the option to open in iBooks. If you choose this option, the file will be saved to your pdf file collection within your iBooks library.

Q: Where did the download go on my desktop computer?

A: On a desktop computer, the e-book has been downloaded as a pdf to the default downloads space assigned for your browser. In most cases the e-book will go into the downloads folder on your hard drive, or to your desktop.

Q: How do I read the e-book on a desktop computer?

A: Once you have located the e-book download, simply double click the file which should launch your Adobe Acrobat reader.